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Whether you play in Honolulu or Boston…
Whether your club has thousands of players or just a few teams…
Whether you work with (or are) a paid professional coach
Or, are just playing (coaching) for the fun of it….
Whether you’re an under-6 or an under-19….
Whether you’re a parent, a player, an administrator, a trainer or a coach
You are part of
Our commitment to each of you is to provide the safest possible environment through Risk Management and the US Youth Soccer Kidsafe program. We want to provide your player with a culture of safety – a place where every parent, every player, every coach and administrator, every adult, works together to insure the safety of each player. The links above will take you to documents that touch on some of the important issues and are designed to educate and inform so that you can help us in making sure that every child in our program is protected in every possible way.
Thank you for your help!
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