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Northern Division



northern division 7-2

It has been pointed out that there is a discrepancy between the old guest player rule (as shown in the FWRL Rules) and the new club pass player policy posted on this page.  The *club pass player policy linked below is the rule that is to be followed this year.  Please read that policy and the policy regarding **roster freeze carefully.


Game fees for the Far West Regional League will be as follows:
60 minute game
70 minute game
70 minute game 
$50 per team
$50 per team
$50 per team
U-15 80 minute game $110.00 $55 per team 
U-16 80 minute game $110.00 $55 per team
U-17 90 minute game $130.00 $65 per team
U-18  90 minute game $130.00 $65 per team







Staff Contact Information

Jim Tilley
505-980-4756 Commissioner
Franke Conroe
858-525-1398 Boys Coordinator
Gary Emerson
818-357-0786 Girls Coordinator





FWRL Trustees


Ken Edmunds
208-539-1692 Region IV Director
Ric Listella
503-930-4222  Deputy Director
Affinity Website:  ADG Tech Support/Customer Service is 800-868-9094. This is for FWRL customer only